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Upon selection of the land where development will occur, a Test Plan is prepared. 


The plan includes details as to what extent of investigation is required in order to determine precise geotechnical factors and foundation type suitable for that location. The test plan is based on location characteristics including; size, surficial geology, and topology.


The testing plan is based on two critical aspects, geotechnical and pile testing.


Geotechnical Testing accounts for the following parameters: 

  • Soil type classification 

  • Resistance factors for the different layers of soil (SPT / soil sampling)  

  • Corrosion considerations (resistivity / PH)  

  • Pit excavation to determine any potential constraints during construction. Soil stability is a relevant piece of information if any excavation / pre-drilling is required for the foundation. 


Pile Testing accounts for the two most relevant factors for a ground-mounted solar system foundation design: 

  • Tension,

  • Lateral, and Pullout capacity (in order to determine if the selected design will withstand the additional wind and weight loading). 

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