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The quality of a project is determined before installation. Tranex Solar provides an end-to-end solution for your solar farm product sourcing from piles through to trackers and modules.



We carry out pile testing, engineer and certify pile embedment depths and load ratings and also supply the specified piles. We have pile manufacturing partners in North America, South Korea, and locally for smaller quantities.  

All Piles are hot-dip galvanised to exceed Australian Standards and cut to the correct lengths along with the correct hole configuration punched in the pile top to suit any types of fixed or tracking array. 



Tranex Solar can look after the end-to-end structure design, supply, logistics management, and installation. 

With over 1.5 GW of mechanical experience, we can look after the following activities:

  • Layout Design (drafting and finalisation)  

  • Procurement of Material 

  • Logistics (sea freight and freight to the site) 

  • Unload and Site Distribution  

  • QA & QC of Material



In the initial design phase, a module type will be selected and the structure layout design will be formed around the module type. Tranex Solar Pty Ltd can source and supply a variety of panel types to suit your requirements. We have supplied panels with capacities from 340W through to 530W. We partner with the following panel suppliers, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Longi, First Solar, and Trina.  

With Panel Supply, Tranex manage the following processes,  

  • Product Sourcing and Specification in Design 

  • Procurement 

  • Importing / Sea Freight 

  • Container De-stuffing 

  • Freight to Site 

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