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Logistics Supervisor

Full Time


Throughout the course of any given year, Tranex Solar handles more than 3,000 container loads of material and tens of millions of individual components. We are looking for organised and driven people with great attention to detail that can receipt incoming product against the planned bill of quantities for every item and product involved in a solar farm project. Generally, the Logistics Supervisor would manage a team of between 6-8 people to assist and coordinate the efficient delivery and distribution of material. This role reports directly to the Project Manager.


The TranEx family are bound to moral and ethical principles. Honest and open communication defines our culture of trust and responsibility, it’s who we are. We are employers who are excited to give individuals large boundaries of responsibility and areas to work with, creativity and efficiency are key aspects to the development of TranEx and to have these two features management employees do not require micro-management. We are flexible and a fun-loving company but there is also a senior level of accountability and responsibility that’s expected from our management staff and indeed everyone. At TranEx, Loyalty and Attitude are held in higher regard than Aptitude and Ability. Our employees are expected to progress into further developed roles within the company and we promote any career progression.



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