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Site Supervisor / Construction Manager

Full Time


To provide management oversight for all phases of solar construction projects, including but not limited to; coordinating employees, subcontractors, material and equipment, ensuring that specifications are being followed, and work is proceeding with high quality and safety standards and projects are being delivered on schedule and within budget.


The TranEx family are bound to moral and ethical principles. Honest and open communication defines our culture of trust and responsibility, it’s who we are. We are employers who are excited to give individuals large boundaries of responsibility and areas to work with, creativity and efficiency are key aspects to the development of TranEx and to have these two features management employees do not require micro-management. We are flexible and a fun-loving company but there is also a senior level of accountability and responsibility that’s expected from our management staff and indeed everyone. At TranEx, Loyalty and Attitude are held in higher regard than Aptitude and Ability. Our employees are expected to progress into further developed roles within the company and we promote any career progression.


- Follows and executes an effective plan and schedule for completion of project following a logical pattern for utilization of resources, including;

- Update and manage construction maps on a daily and weekly basis.

- Account and track project resources including; labour, machinery and equipment.

- Identify any major project program slippage.

- Chair a weekly production meeting with all supervisors and site management to communicate project strategy and targets.

- Minimizes exposure and risk by maintaining safety standards and quality assurance controls.

- Coordinates work of subcontractors working on various phases of the project (ie. Surveyor, PV Module Installers).

- Oversees performance of all supervisors, employees and subcontractors and reviews construction and engineering drawings to make sure that all specifications and regulations are being followed.

- Makes the Project Manager aware of any delays or breaches of contracted works.

- Supervises assistant managers and superintendents, reviews their reports, checks on any reported difficulties, and corrects any safety violations or other reported deficiencies.

- Tracks and controls construction schedule and associated costs to achieve completion of projects within time and monies allocated.

- Reports to management about progress and any necessary modifications of plans that seem indicated. Plans, implements, tracks and closeout of construction projects.

- Manages day to day operational and tactical aspects of construction projects.

- Manages day to day client interactions and expectations, directly or in a supervisory role

- Manages to and achieves target production and revenue goals set for projects


- Good man management skills.

- Strong written and oral communication skills

- Strong interpersonal skills

- Strong negotiating skills

- Relatively strong computer skills, emphasis on Microsoft Office, SharePoint

- Dispute Resolution

- Ability to work under pressure and cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency.

- Proficiency in the use of project scheduling software such as MS Excel/Project.

- Project time and cost tracking and analysis – understand what labour costs are assigned to what tasks. I.e. qty of man hours burned per tracker row installed.

- Organisation – the ability to understand and assist in the planning of new and existing activities.

- Communication – the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and regularly with team members.

- Good work ethics and the ability to treat documents with confidentiality.

- Must have excellent attention to detail.


Ideal experience would be someone that has worked in the construction industry before in a project management position or in a project scheduler or project planner position. In excess of 3yrs experience is desired and the following experiences would assist,

- Labour Intensive project experience / supervision
- Client management experience

Working Conditions:

- Extensive airline and automobile travel required
- Work in an office and field environment
- Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines

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